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The Schultz Family Foundation and Get Schooled asked me to create the branding that would help separate JobLaunch from the usual job site while keeping in mind their young target demographic. Together we looked at the previous branding of another initiative of theirs “#StartSomewhere” and job sites already in the marketplace. Aside from the logo being used online, it needed to work in the physical world at job fairs and launch events. The branding needed to embody JobLaunch’s action orientated approach and willingness to help navigate youth towards their first job and beyond.

JobLaunch is a website aimed at helping opportunity youth, young people between the ages of 16 to 24 who are neither enrolled in school nor working, start their journey toward employment by pointing them in the right direction and supporting them along the path. With the help of 100k Opportunities Initiative Companies, JobLaunch is able to offer not only jobs, but also mentorships, internships, and college access programs.

Schultz Family Foundation, The Get Schooled Foundation


Seattle, WA


Brand Identity, Print, Interaction


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In our brief, The Schultz Family Foundation expressed their desire for using green as a primary color and keeping the arrow element of their #StartSomewhere campaign. Running with the idea of upward movement, I wanted to change the trajectory of the arrow from a flat line to showing more of incline and growth. I started with designing emblems that included check marks, arrows, and planes, depicting them with upward movement.

From the first round of drafts, the client chose the paper airplane emblem option and I started working on evolving that. A paper airplane doesn’t spend long in the air before falling, so I began to think more along the lines of an actual plane. What resulted was an emblem that functions both as a plane and a navigation arrow. The new identity is young, bold, and diverse. The branding embodies JobLaunch’s mission to help opportunity youth navigate their professional careers toward success.

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