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We Are The Dream is a campaign aimed at providing undocumented youth with access to resources including college information, scholarships, and state grants. Under former President Barack Obama a federal government program, DACA, was created in 2012 to allow people brought to the United States illegally as children the temporary right to live, work, or study in America. Those protected under DACA became known as Dreamers. Under the current administration, the DACA program was eliminated leaving nearly 1 million teenagers and young adults in limbo over their academic and professional futures.

I was asked to develop a logo by MTV and the Get Schooled team that would be used on digital assets and printed materials. In our brief, the client used the words progress, opportunity, and inspiration when describing the purpose and goals of the campaign. The identity needed to encapsulate those 3 words and attract the target demographic of high school and college students.


MTV, The Get Schooled Foundation


Seattle, WA


Brand Identity, Print

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My inspiration for the logo came from the idea of a new day and the sunrise because with every new day there is a sense of opportunity. I started by creating iterations featuring a circle to represent the sun.  Because the website was going to be hosted by Get Schooled, we decided to use the typeface Gibson which was already in use by the organization. I presented two logo iterations for the clients, one using shapes to depict a lowercase letter d, and the other using a half circle to give movement to the word dream.

The final campaign identity is bright and crisp—the primary color of orange not only works for the depiction of the sun but also plays on the boldness these young adults possess when calling for political action. The We Are The Dream campaign has gone on to be Get Schooled’s most successful campaign in the last two years. Music artists French Montana and DJ Khaled have joined the movement since it’s launch. We Are The Dream and its resources can be found by visiting wearethedream.us.

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